International Women’s Day 2019 #balanceforbetter

  The spotlight on the gender equity discussion, is great as it helps raise awareness and hopefully moving forward it will narrow the wedge of disadvantage women currently often face, be it in the global access to education, support for reproductive decision making, sexual freedom or strategic representation in politics, Senior boards and various leadership …

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Thrush in pregnancy, points to consider

Vaginal thrush is a common fungal infection by Candida albicans, affecting about 75% of women at some point in their lives. It is important for women to have timely and convenient access to anti thrush medications as vaginal thrush causes significant vulvovaginitis with whitish curd like discharge, itching, genital swelling and dyspraxia. Treatment is indicated …

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What is the ideal inter pregnancy interval?

The time from the livebirth of one baby to the conception of the next pregnancy, is defined as the inter pregnancy interval (IPI).    Interesting recent Canadain based research has rekindled the discussion around the best length of the (IPI), from a medical perspective. About 150 000 pregnancy outcomes were analysed, both from the maternal as well as the …

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