International Women’s Day 2019 #balanceforbetter


The spotlight on the gender equity discussion, is great as it helps raise awareness and hopefully moving forward it will narrow the wedge of disadvantage women currently often face, be it in the global access to education, support for reproductive decision making, sexual freedom or strategic representation in politics, Senior boards and various leadership positions.

More and more organisations are being proactive about this topical debate and brainstorming how to level the playing field, how to make visible the talent in the background, how to embrace diversity better and above all exhibit fair opportunities and more inclusive cultures, moving forward.

Comments that suggest progress for women is at the cost of ‘others’ are less helpful to this cause as we need those in leadership roles to actively help improve the current baseline and the better long term balance desired, to change the status quo.

No doubt social media offers new directions to create more traction than isolated lonely voices could do in the past and this will hopefully be the vehicle with which we can indeed #balanceforbetter and #morepowerfultogether

I am so looking forward to attending the ‘Grand Round Panel Discussion – Health Advocacy: Women in Medicine’

later this month, with an amazing list of local and International speakers and the inspirational Tracey Spicer as the panel moderator.

Such a long long way to go, but there is no doubt that whatever everyones individual views are, there is a lot of awareness and dialogue. This can only be a much needed, good thing I think, in this space.


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